The wide variety of Persian marble, , Onyx and limestone quarries in Iran causes this country to be recognized as one of the most important natural stones sources in the world.

The main well-known quarries in Iran which are regarded as the most famous in international stone markets are Pietra Grey Marble, Silver ,Titanium , Paradise , Gohera Beige Limestone, White Onyx, Walnut Travertine, Red Persian Travertine, Natural Marble is a quarry owner of Pietra Grey Marble which is located in the center of Iran in the south of Esfahan city almost 15 minutes far from the main block stockyard of this company.

Pietra Grey Marble has a deep grey background with spread white veins which has increased the nature beauty of this stone and according to the related technical data of Pitera Grey, this marble is identified as a unique grey marble in comparison with other similar marbles.
AO Marble exports Pietra Grey Marble blocks directly from 2 own block stockyards in Verona city of Italy and Esfahan city of Iran to its local customers in Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, England and some European neighbors.

Production Lines :

AO Marble has 2 separated Italian production lines for producing its Slab and tile applications based on accurate and standard Q.C rules.
The thickness range of the slabs will be 20mm, 30mm and 40mm and for tile it ranges  from 10mm up to 60mm.
Available finishing for both tile and slab applications are Polished, Honed, Brushed, Sand Blasted and acid washed.
AO Marble added a new advanced CNC technology for producing the most modern decorative stones such as stone columns, modern fireplaces, stone sink and basin collection.
Beside the main company of AO Marble from Iran, Highly pleasure to advise this company is selling the mentioned produced materials directly from its own branches from Italy, UK, Canada and Australia.

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Q.C & Packaging :

Q.C department of AO Marble has 4 sections including quarry and block inspection, processing line, sorting & packaging treatment, loading and stuffing section.
Learned and experienced technicians in each section are updated with the most standard rules and they are doing the related duties under restrict quality regulations to have the best possible results and to present better services to AO Marble customers.
Tiles are packaged in high – standard wooden pallets and slab collection depends on customers’ application and with regard to the safety options, packaging will be in wooden or iron bundles.
Loading & Logistics:

ZimaStone  has 2 separated loading options for land transportation: One is transporting by transit truck and the other is sea transportation which is carried by containers 20ft / 40ft.

The mentioned operation is done from both Data Crawler for Iran manufacturer class one  Iran or Italy to destinations ports all over the world.
As a new service, ZimaStone  logistics section is subcategory of export department of this company and is doing all of the exporting and carrying steps of the customer’s shipments to the related destination ports.
The main destinations where ZimaStone  exports its materials are Undirectly: Australia, Mexico, Brasil, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belarus, Belgium, France, UK, Denmark, Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon, South Korea and Taiwan.